Lead Glass / Radiation Shielding Glass Corning® Med-X® Glass

We are an authorized distributor of Corning Specialty Glass for Lead Glass / Radiation Shielding Glass known as Corning® Med-X® Glass. We have ready stock for Corning® Med-X® Glass in various sizes.

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Corning® Med-X® Glass provides high-quality, transparent and safe protective shielding against X-ray radiation for medical, technical, and research applications. Its high lead and barium content, and wide thickness range, provides optimum shielding against radiation from equipment operating in the 80 to 300 kV range.

Corning® Med-X® Glass is suitable for laminating with float glass or tempered glass using polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inter-layers for application as safety lead glass / radiation shielding safety glass.

Corning® Med-X® Glass is compatible with a large range of installations and other viewing applications such as:

 • Viewing windows for X-ray, angiography, CT scans
 • Screens for medical diagnostics
 • Protection windows/glove boxes in laboratories
 • Airport security X-ray screens
 • Lenses for safety goggles

The production of CORNING SAS is strictly controlled and is manufactured in accordance with the Quality Standard ISO 9001, the environmental Standard ISO 14001 and Health & Safety Standard OHSAS 18001 and IEC 61331:2014.

Corning® and Med-X® are trademarks of Corning Incorporated, Corning NY
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